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ISB students learn about farming

November 8, 2017

BRUNEI local agriculture business intelligence company, Agrome IQ, conducted its agriculture-based learning programme for students of the International School Brunei (ISB) recently.

The programme, Sprout IQ Farm-to-school, aimed at creating impact at an early stage of learning. It is a modern customisable educational programme that is suitable according to levels of the young generation to make youth competent in growing their own nutritional food and instilling them with values of knowledge, self-reliance, entrepreneurial and sense of responsibility while also exposing them to hands-on experience on agriculture hence encouraging them to be an agripreneur.

The students were given a presentation on medicinal plants and their benefits and given demonstration on how to make use of the plants.

The students also measured the heights of eggplant, chilli and corn and recorded their growth. The students also learnt to apply inorganic fertilisers and to note down plant development. The educational platform is a modular-based programme to educate the students from cultivating the soil up to harvesting the produce.

A group photo with ISB students who took part in the programme.

AGROME IQ introduce beautiful wooden labels and fertigation system into ISB Greenhouse Garden

At the end of the programme, the students will be given their certificate of participation.

Agrome IQ is a start-up company with the mission to provide agriculture business intelligence to enable farmers achieve sustainable and highly productive farm systems.

The corporate is responsible in planning and conducting scientific as well as market research and helps in informing farmers the best approach for them to achieve sustainable yield and channel their produce to the relevant markets. The company provides a mobile application technology that supports the farming process with daily guides and activities to allow anyone to grow.

Agrome IQ also conducts monthly Sprout IQ workshop for the general public to grow their own different kind of crops.





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