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Hello there, here is another post from the R&D team! My Name is Fairuz, I love Tech, especially the ones that improve our lifestyle. We can go even further than what we are capable of which can ease our life. I’ve join Agrome IQ for two months now because I saw the potential in the company. Agrome IQ integrates technologies with farms and also guiding the public who are interested in making their own.  I heard tech integration and BOOOOM! I’m sold! As I am a tech enthusiast, I would like to innovate and research farm tech, especially at a DIY level.

Let me talk a bit about our work in progress! We at R&D Team are working hard in devising an indoor farming system among several others projects! We know that most of people don’t like standing outside that long with the burning sun!  Then, an idea came out and we are aiming in designing a Semi-automated tech system thus can ease your worry and minimizing that “I forgot to water my plants”. 

“But wait! It’s indoor, my farm can’t fit! And importantly there’s no sun!” you say? Not to worry, say no more, we got you, we will show you the way. We will be integrating a source of light for the plants that is equivalent to the sun’s energy outside and I assure you it’s not hot with our space saving farm design with varying sizes that caters to your house. But shhhhh! keep it between us all right!

I will do my absolute best to help this company and deliver to you all to own a “Tech Packed” farm that you’re proud to own!

Please hang on to us, support us! Also don’t afraid to contact us at [email protected] or via our hotline @ +673 8722844!



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