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“Murah Murah MURAH”

These words that you tend to see in Brunei – usually with a price tag but sometimes without.

Murah is a malay word and when translated, it means cheap! You see it everywhere. Enticing questions such as, “What items being sold that is cheap?” Almost like clickbait, it’s one of the finest ways to get your customer’s attention.

With large words printed or hand drawn on either a piece of cardboard or painted on walls, your customer will think you sell the most affordable products than most of your competitors.

A label “Warning! Do not trespass!”

Labels and signage connect you with your customers. You will be sending a message that can induce feeling. For the example above, it can induce fear or even the urge to rebel.

Feeling easily influences the decision to purchase or not to purchase. For example, a label stating, “a good gift for your mother” – the feeling of love. “Yuck, that looks gross” – the feeling of disgusted.

Do keep in mind, certain words can give you backlashes. Cheap can be a connotation for cheaply made or grown. Like any decision, you need to see the pros and cons.

There are abundant of words you can use. Choose mindfully and you will induce the intended feeling to your customer.

My name is Awangku Muhammad Nur Azmi bin Pengiran Haji Safri and I am teamed up with three creative employees at Agrome IQ International Sdn Bhd. We, the Marketing Team, look forward to sharing you marketing techniques.


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