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Sprout IQ – the heart of Agrome IQ

What’s Sprout IQ?

Sprout IQ is an educational platform of Agrome IQ that develops community of growers that include any age range from children to youth and adults. Do not worry if you have minimal knowledge or experience in farming, we are here to help you discover the exciting adventure of farming.

Let’s see where you can fit yourself into Sprout IQ programmes. Sprout IQ branches into two- Farm To School, and Monthly Workshop.

Sprout IQ Farm To School programme is a programme that is exclusively designed for schools and educational instutions in Brunei that takes place for 4 months on site of selected institutions with the aim to teach young generation about farming and entrepeneurship while to promote a healthy eating lifestyle among the youth.

Sprout IQ monthly workshop takes place once a month with different crops such as Chilli, Tomato, Okra, Eggplant and Corn offered monthly. These workshops focus on promoting agriculture to the general public who are interested to learn on how to grow crops, allowing anyone to grow.

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