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Hi! My name is Fahim and I am the Chief Scientific Officer and heading the Research & Development Team of Agrome IQ International Sdn Bhd. In this type of uncertain business especially as an up- coming Brunei Ag-Tech Start-Up, it really takes a lot of dedication and hard work to persevere against the odds of failures. But I am here to support and prove Agrome IQ got what it takes to help create the foundations and remove the guesswork in farming and be part of the solution by working with every kind of farmer whether if it be a small urban farmer or a big commercial farmer. I know it’s a big task but we all got to start somewhere.

This is the first of many blog article contributions to Agrome IQ specifically towards writing content on Agricultural Research & Development written by myself and my R&D team. We are very pleased to sharing and showcasing our technological innovation from our research, finding and experimentation to bring you the latest and greatest solutions to grow your own crops in the best, healthiest, fastest and most efficient ways possible.

Throughout R&D’s blog article post series, we will be writing content about our latest innovations, product developments and agricultural projects so you can keep updated with us together and you can gain confidence that our products are fully tested and ready for you to grow your own food that doesn’t matter that it be in a small urban plot or a big commercial farm!

So please sit back and relax and stay tune to the next latest post by Agrome IQ’s very own Agricultural R&D Team!


Yours sincerely,

Fahim Ibrahim

Chief Scientific Officer

Agrome IQ International Sdn Bhd


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