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Challenge accepted: Helping to feed the 9 billion people by 2050

The journey began while I was doing my Ph.D. in Agricultural systems modeling whereby I realized that most of our farmers are not doing well on their farms and it is not their fault. Farmers do not have access to resources and information to help them make effective decisions for their farms. To add to the challenge, climate change and unpredictable weather patterns continue to destroy the productivity of these farms, therefore, there is a need for these farms to be more resilient and adaptable to these uncertain times. Imagine by 2050, there will be 9 billion people in this world and we will have the immense global problem of feeding all of them.

Agrome IQ International Sdn Bhd. aims to remove the guesswork in farming and be part of the solution by working with every kind of farmer, be it an experienced commercial farmer or an individual that has a keen interest in starting their own farm. We ensure that they have the right resources, technology and access to new markets to increase his chance of success as an agripreneur. We support them through our educational platform and channel specific solutions to solve their main challenges.

Since we launched in 2016, we have felt the growing demand for our solutions and the scalability of it in ASEAN, which was exemplified when we were awarded the Special Recognition Award by the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017. We have seen a new generation of young farmers that believes agriculture entrepreneurship is a new way and they want to get involved to develop the sector. So, we answer this call and provide the Sprout IQ platform that supports a community of like-minded individuals to ensure a sustainable and thriving food system as we move to 9 billion.

We hope that the start of this blog content will start the conversation and bridge toward collaboration as we develop innovative and entrepreneurial modern farmers regionally and globally.


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